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Good Afternoon!

This past week my family and I adopted two cats, they are related and were found abandoned on Christmas day. Their names are Pepe and Le Pew, and have settled into our house quite nicely, they are opening up fast and are so good with our kiddos! Tonight I noticed that Pew was chewing on one of my plants, so I moved it. Then I noticed she went for another one.

My husband said something about some plants being deadly to cats, and my house is filled with them! Of course I started to panic and moved every plant into a room and closed the door. I decided to look it up and see what plants I should remove. Almost instantly I came across your pet care page it was the perfect start for me and I had a ton of different plants on the list. There were some that I didn’t see so I decided to look around some more just to be safe. I ended up on an awesome page that had a few more plants that weren’t listed, and a huge weight lifted off my shoulders! I thought maybe you would like to throw it in with the other dangerous plant information that you have. The page is

Between both pages I was able to move a little less than half of my plants back out, looks like I’m going to have an anti-cat plant room until I can re-home the plants! Thank you for helping to make our home a little more safe for these two babies, I can tell they’ve had it rough and are so grateful for us! They are going to be overwhelmed when they see my first Amazon order for them!

Thanks again!


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