Urethrostomy surgery

We have been going to Goshen Animal Clinic for many years. They have continuously provided top notch care for our dog Guinness. Not only does the staff make a connection with you and your animal, they take time to discuss what is going on and provide no frills options to get your animal healthy quickly and safely. We had a pretty challenging year with Guinness in 2017 where he was diagnosed with Cushing’s disease and continued struggling with chronic bladder stones. Dr. Chand was able to assure us that they would get Guinness on a path to being happy and healthy. He was able to get Guinness’s Cushing’s disease under control with medication in only a few months and recommended an Urethrostomy surgery to provide a permanent solution to Guinness’s bladder stone condition. Dr. Chand took the time to explain the complex (at least to me it was) surgery and we decided to go ahead with the surgery. I have to say, it has transformed Guinness’s life, and he is back to his good old self and even looks younger, Thanks Dr. Chand! I highly recommend Goshen Animal Clinic for all of your animal needs and cares.

Lisa M.