The thought of a loved one going through a surgical procedure can be a daunting one, and the same goes for your pets. Unfortunately, the reality of human, feline, and canine life is that we’re biological beings who are not immune to illness, disease, and other earth-bound maladies. This is why it’s incredibly important to find a reliable veterinary clinic in Gaithersburg who can expertly perform these procedures on your cat or dog.

Our Approach To Soft Tissue And Orthopedic Surgeries For Pets

Goshen Animal Clinic is more than equipped and able to perform a wide variety of soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries for animals. We’re diligent and thorough in our process, discussing any concerns with the owner while your pet receives an in-depth examination.

Blood and urine tests are generally administered to ensure the physiological state of your pet’s health (and to avoid any potential counteractions) prior to the procedure. These tests are also performed to develop an anesthetic regimen that’s appropriate for your pet.

What Is Soft Tissue Surgery?

Simply defined, soft tissue surgery refers to any surgical procedure that is not related to the bones or the joints. This means that routine procedures such as spaying and neutering fall under the scope of soft tissue surgery, but more serious surgical procedures can also be classified as soft tissue operations.

Looking for Compassionate Veterinary Care in GaithersburgWhat Is Orthopedic Surgery?

Conversely, orthopedic surgery refers to any specialized procedure intended to correct disease and injuries related to the bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, and other skeletal structures of your pet. Not unlike soft tissue surgery, the cost of veterinary orthopedic surgery can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars — far less than human surgery, but still a significant expense for your pet.

Pain Management

Similar to how people have concerns about any pain or discomfort during surgery procedures, pet owners also have worries about whether or not their pet will feel any pain during soft tissue or orthopedic surgery. In truth, the discomfort and pain are associated with recovery from surgery, not the procedure itself. However, Goshen Animal Clinic does everything that we can to minimize any pain that your cat or dog is going through.

Of course, we use advanced anesthesia to outright eliminate any pain during the procedure, but your pet will also receive pain control medications to make the pain associated with recovery more manageable.


It’s only natural for owners to be anxious and worrisome about the surgery in question; even cats and dogs often exhibit clear signs of anxiety. Your comforting presence is recommended going into the procedure, i.e. petting your cat or dog before undergoing anesthesia. We recommend being right by their side when they wake up as well, as a familiar face is a good thing for them.

Concerns About Veterinary Surgery In Gaithersburg? Let’s Talk.

It’s not easy thinking about your pet going through a surgical procedure, but know that the staff at Goshen Animal Clinic are here to provide the best possible level of service for you and your pet. If you have any concerns or questions for our veterinarians in Gaithersburg, please contact us today.