Why It’s Worth Your Time To Check Out Our Pet Health Library

Whenever you’re accessing a desktop computer, smartphone, laptop, tablet, or any other internet-enabled device, you’re also accessing a world of information at your fingertips. The fact that we can find nearly anything we’re looking for in a matter of seconds is truly incredible, but of course, this comes with a few issues.

With millions and millions of articles and other online sources to obtain information, you’re bound to come across your fair share of information. That’s a problem when it comes to doing research and navigating the best possible care options for your pet, and that’s why Goshen Animal Clinic is proud to provide our blog readers, website visitors, and pet-owning clients with a reliable, credible source of pet health-related information: our pet health library!

Your Source For Accurate Pet Health Information Online

When someone owns their cat, dog, bird, reptile, or other pet for an extended period of time, they generally tend to form a bond with them. This bond results in a genuine connection wherein the owner can usually tell if there’s something wrong with their pet. A strong bond with your pet is truly a wonderful thing, but unfortunately, intuition isn’t always enough to guide your decisions about their health and wellness.

That’s why Goshen Animal Clinic proudly provides a number of professionally written articles frequently updated by veterinary practice experts. These articles are also reviewed by practitioners on a regular basis to ensure that our readers are receiving accurate, up-to-date and relevant pet health information.

How Do I Use Your Pet Health Library?

Our pet health library is split into a few easy-to-use parts: our library, how-to videos, interactive pet health checker, and news. We’ll provide a brief overview of each section below to help you determine what the most useful information tool is for your purposes.


We’re proud to provide a pet health library with such an extensive range of topics. As the user, you’re able to filter content by species, including:

  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Birds
  • Small mammals
  • Reptiles
  • Mini-pigs

You can even filter by specific dog breeds. You’re also able to filter our pet health articles by topic, including (but not limited to) alternative therapies, breeding, behavior, medication, and nutrition. All of these articles from LifeLearn are entirely free to read.

How-To Videos

In the age of endless scrolling news feeds and YouTube, society’s collective attention span has shrunk. Few people want to read a wall of text, so watching a video to learn more about how to take care of your pet is a pretty valuable thing. Our selection of how-to videos are limited to cats and dogs, but they touch on great topics such as how to brush their teeth, how to collect urine samples, how to administer pills, and so forth.

Pet Health Checker

This interactive tool, courtesy of LifeLearn, helps dog and cat owners determine whether their pets’ symptoms warrant immediate veterinary care. The pet health checker is very easy to use — simply follow the prompts and click on any problems that your cat or dog is experiencing.


This news portal shouldn’t be confused with our own blog. The content on our pet health news portal is not written by our Gaithersburg veterinarians, however, we are able to provide this content on our website with permission from the authors. This news portal is more for your general knowledge rather than attempting to diagnose your own pet, but it’s certainly worth your time if you’re curious about topics like pet allergies, search and rescue dogs, pet emergency preparedness, pet poison prevention, and so forth.

Searching For The Best Veterinary Care In Gaithersburg And Beyond?

If so, you should look no further than the team here at Goshen Animal Clinic. We’re dedicated to providing the highest possible level of service to you and your pet(s), and our goal is to establish a healthy, longstanding relationship with you and your loved one(s). We truly love our work and we’re honored to keep your family’s pets in good health!

Remember that our veterinarians are always here for you. If our pet health library isn’t enough to shed light on your pet’s condition, it’s always best to play it safe and contact Goshen Animal Clinic to schedule an appointment or visit our sister clinic for emergency veterinary care.

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