Exercising Your Dog During The Colder Months

By December 3, 2018 December 12th, 2018 Veterinarians Gaithersburg

Whether or not your dog has the fur designed to withstand freezing temperatures, you may look out your window while it’s blizzarding outside thinking, “Well Fido, I suppose that play time will just be indoors today.” You receive a confused look completed with an adorable sideways head tilt as Fido wonders what you have in mind. As you go to reach for one of his favorite toys, you wonder how to entertain and exercise your dog within your indoor space at home.

Your Animal Hospital In Gaithersburg Is Here To Help!

Here in Gaithersburg, we’re no strangers to snow. Our summers might be hot and humid, but our winters can be harshly cold in their own right. As a whole, Goshen Animal Clinic recommends limiting outdoor playtime when it’s really cold outside, unless you have a breed designed to stay warm in the snow (such as a Siberian Husky).

To avoid full-on cabin fever for your hyper canine companion, here are a few ways to stay active and exercise your dog as we enter the winter season in full force. If you need to make an appointment with our veterinarians in Gaithersburg, please don’t hesitate to do so here.

Use Your Time Indoors To Train Your Dog

When going outside simply isn’t an option due to inclement weather, you can still exercise your dog’s mind by training them. Not only does a well-behaved dog fare well on you as the owner, but obedience and discipline will also make your dog better at socializing (according to The Association of Professional Dog Trainers).

Teach your dog how to politely greet guests, walk in place with you while leashed, and teach them how to stop begging for food.

Cat and dog in blanket, rescue, adopt, discount(Safely And Responsibly) Go On A Walk

When the wind isn’t howling and the snow isn’t coming down, you can always bundle up and take your dog out — just make sure to be prepared. During the colder winter weather, owners should modify dog walks by:

  • Shortening the duration of the walk
  • Going during high noon, or the sunniest part of the day
  • Dressing your dog in a warm vest and dog booties (if necessary)
  • Bringing an extra dry towel along with you

The towel is to dry your dog off if they decide to playfully roll around in the snow. Keep in mind that these pointers vary depending on what breed of dog you have; dogs are bred with varying levels of cold tolerance.

Make Their Treats Difficult To Get

Dogs love receiving treats just as much as they love to play, so why not combine the best of both worlds by making it a challenging affair? You can hide treats in toys, underneath furniture, in your clothing, or even in their food bowl (though that’s an easy one)!

It’s entertaining for you and it’s fun for them. Plus, they’re rewarded in the end with a treat, so everyone wins.

Safeguard Your Dog’s Health This Winter

As the cold weather continues into the holiday season and new year, it’s important to check up on your dog’s health. From microchipping for dogs to dog vaccinations to dental for dogs, Goshen Animal Clinic provides comprehensive veterinary services in the Gaithersburg area. Get in touch with us today!

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