Exercising Your Cat: It’s Possible!

By September 18, 2018 September 24th, 2018 Veterinarians Gaithersburg
Cat exercise

The benefits of exercise — especially for humans — are common knowledge at this point. Everyone knows that being active supports good health. If you’ve owned just about any breed of dog, we’re guessing that you’re aware of how much they embrace exercise. People get dogs for a variety of reasons including having an exercise buddy to help hold them accountable. However, when it comes to cats, the same dynamic usually doesn’t apply.

Cats Are Active, Too — Our Veterinarians In Gaithersburg Can Help!

Though there’s no community “cat park” to take your energetic feline friend, it is possible to exercise an overly active cat within the comfort and security of your home, and catnip is just the start. It’s interesting that people don’t typically view cats as pets or animals that need exercise and extensive playtime, but in many cases, it’s true!

Our Gaithersburg veterinary hospital here at Goshen Animal Clinic offers some quick tips and tricks to help your cat unwind after you’ve been gone all day in hopes to alleviate some of the “zoomies” that owners often report. Let’s get started.

Get a Cat Tower and Scratching Post If You Don’t Have One

Most cats like to climb various surfaces, and we’re pretty sure that you don’t want that surface to be your leather couch. Cat towers (ideally multi-tier ones) provide a fun jungle gym-type environment for your cat that also serves as their own “space” separate from your furniture or other household items. Even better, if your cat likes to “exercise” their claws, a scratching post is designed to withstand such a force.

Our veterinarians recommend hiding treats or catnip in various nooks and crannies to encourage exploration.

Invest In a Laser Pointer

Dogs aren’t the only household pets that will instinctively chase a laser. Cats make even better laser hunters because they’re more agile and graceful on their paws, helping them try to catch something that’s not tangible (but very entertaining to watch). While this activity is fun for both parties involved, we urge cat owners to eventually reward or present their cat with an actual toy after chasing a laser for a while. This will help avoid any unwanted frustration or fixation over not being able to catch the beam of light.

Looking for Compassionate Veterinary Care in GaithersburgTake Your Cat Outside

Needless to say, this only applies if your cat has outdoor cat potential (or is an outdoor cat at heart, but then again, they’d already be outside). If you notice your indoor cat staring out the window longing to go outside, then take them outside! Cat leashes do exist and you can find one at a local pet store. Better yet, if you have a fenced backyard, they can explore around and sniff the grass in the same manner as a dog without worrying about escaping.

Establish a Dog-Cat Household Dynamic

Dogs are quite energetic and active, and socializing a dog with a cat means that they’ll exercise each other. As a busy pet owner, that’s a true win/win!

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