Calming Your Dog’s Anxiety Before Visiting Our Veterinary Clinic

By July 24, 2018 August 17th, 2018 Veterinarians Gaithersburg
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Dogs are incredible animals. When you mention just about anything, the chances are strong that they’re on board with whatever it is that you’re trying to do. Excited to get outside the house for awhile, your dog raises her ears and furiously wags her tail at the idea of going for a car ride. Hoping that you’re driving to a local dog park or perhaps a pet store, she looks up in dismay when you pull into the parking lot of our animal clinic.

Helping Your Dog Have a Good Visit With Our Veterinarians

It’s not uncommon for dogs, cats, and other pets to experience a certain degree of anxiety when faced with a visit to our animal clinic in Gaithersburg. No pet owner wants to see their pet suffer from vet-induced anxiety, so if your pup does stress from pet-vet stress, what can you do naturally calm them down?

Today’s blog post will feature a few simple tips and tricks to help your dog remain calm when they visit Goshen Animal Clinic for anything from dog vaccinations to canine teeth cleaning and more. Should you have any questions for our local veterinarians, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Drive Your Dog to Other Places

If the only place that you drive your dog is to the vet — and they have a bad association with a particular experience at the vet — then they’re naturally going to be hesitant when you ask them to hop in the car. The solution to breaking this negative association with the car and our veterinarians is pretty simple: simply drive them around to a number of fun, harmless places such as a local dog park, a new pet supply store, to a family member’s house, or even just a new place to walk.

The Power of Treats

Dogs are food-motivated. Who would’ve known? Whether or not your dog is dreading a visit to the vet, arm yourself with a baggie of treats to reward them for good behavior. If you have any “top shelf” treats that you’ve been saving in lieu of your dog’s “standard” treats, pulling them out during a vet visit is an ideal time. Trust us when we say your dog will notice and certainly care, or at the very least, be temporarily distracted from being scared.

Looking for Compassionate Veterinary Care in GaithersburgStay Calm as the Owner

If your dog notices that you’re clearly nervous about their vet visitation, they’re going to pick up on how you’re feeling. Dogs have an amazing ability to see through our veiled emotions and connect with humans in a way that no other pet can; anything that you’re feeling will likely be emulated or at least felt by your dog. Stay calm and they’re more likely to stay calm!

Drop In and Say Hi

Familiarize your dog with our veterinarians. Even if you don’t have an appointment, we’re not going to say no to petting your pup and feeding them a treat or two. If you have another dog, bring them along, too. A visit to our office without actually doing anything will help establish positive associations.

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To our veterinarians in Gaithersburg, your pets are our family. Feel free to learn more about our team or contact our vet clinic to set up an appointment.

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